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    • Climate Change Impact Representation In Kenya's News Media 

      Atieno, L.; Njoroge, Joseph M. (2014)
      Today the questions of adaptation and mitigation to climate change risks are arching their way out to community platforms in an interpretive flow through various communication modes that shape public opinion and mediate ...
    • Climate change policy-making process in Kenya: deliberative inclusionary processes in play 

      Njoroge, Joseph M.; Ratter, B.M.W.; Atieno, L. (International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 2017)
      Abstract Purpose – There is a growing recognition in Kenya that citizens should play a role in contributing to policy formation. This is a shift from a conventional approach where the elite in society or selected few would ...
    • The ecotourism metaphor and environmental sustainability in Kenya 

      Atieno, L.; Njoroge, Joseph M. (2015)
      While to some extent there is disharmony in defining the term ecotourism, most tourism research agrees that the eco prefix is a definite pointer to environmental or natural resource management as a core value to the concept. ...